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Kathleen Ripley Leo offers the following classes thru Schoolcraft College.s Continuing Education and Professional development: Call  Schoolcraft College at 734-462-4448 for information and registering for classes:

Writing Your Memoirs: Personal essay is memoir and your life is worthy of memoir. Perhaps you want to leave a legacy for your family, or you want a way to set some story straight, the one your relatives got wrong! Learn the basics of memoir writing: how to gather information, put it together, and add your personal style to either one passage in your life or your whole life.

Complete the Short Novel You.ve Always Wanted to Write:  It.s been said everyone has a novel within them.do you? Learn from an author who.s completed one and how her experience can help you do the same. Begin with an understanding of the types of purposes of novel writing. Pick a type of novel to write, and ...complete your first draft.

Fiction Writer.s Workshop:  If you consider yourself a fiction writer or if you just wish to learn how to write short fiction, here is your opportunity? Become a better writer by studying the parts of short fiction. Learn how to develop a plot, begin the story, develop your characters, how to use dialogue, and develop point of view, mood, and action.  Write on!