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The Seamless Universe by Kathleen Ripley Leo The Seamless Universe, Back Cover
In the beginning, the original creative spirit designs the Seamless Universe, bringing forth the firmament that becomes the garden-our planet, Earth. From the first human child’s laughter come the first faeries, and three distinct fey communities settle across the garden to protect humans from natural disasters produced by the forces of creation.

The Tureg dwell by the endless sea. The Candela thrive in the prairie landmass. These two fey communities have been feuding for millennia, but they must make peace to protect the Seamless Universe’s delicate balance. The Dantorak, non-winged fey, incite natural disasters to kill humans, who are destroying the garden. If the humans are ever to survive, the Tureg and Candela must somehow resolve their differences and overcome the Dantorak.

The fate of the garden and the Seamless Universelies in the forbidden love between one Tureg and one Candela-but will their innocent passion be enough?

This first of a series is a rich and imaginative adventure into our world’s tiny microcosms, which have astronomical impact on the universe. A story of redemption, second chances, and good versus evil, The Seamless Universeis a page-turner for young adult fantasy fans.

ISBN-13: 9781499230871

Review from a reader of The Seamless Universe: “Every sense acknowledges one's entry into an unimagined garden. One discovers the new and sensuous language of music, numbers, color and taste. Beginning as an ephemeral and becoming fey, aware of another place, one suspects that this garden is already surrounding us. This story will wrap the reader in the spirit of the natural world.”

Review from a reader of The Seamless Universe: " I seriously loved this book, it has a triumphant spirit where good things will persevere because the good Tureg Fey in the Garden were determined to do not give up the battle of life. I could not put it down until I read it all. I become caught up in this garden world and its faerie world. Highly recommended for anyone, any age, and for someone who cherishes a book that will take you off to another place.”

Upcoming Events
July 28, 2014
Northville District Library
1-2:30 pm
 Explore various poetry styles using a variety of artistic formats and media including traditional pen & paper, collage, book spine poetry, & black out poetry. Local poet Kathleen Ripley Leo offers her expertise to teen poets – beginners to advanced.

August 1, 2014
Starring the Gallery
118 W. Main Street
Northville, Mi
6pm to 9pm
Features wine/cheese reception for Kathleen Ripley Leo, and her novel The Seamless Universe

August 19, 2014
Northville District Library,
212 West Cady Street,
Northville, Mi 48167
6-9 pm
Reception for Kathleen Ripley Leo, and her novel, The Seamless Universe.

October 11, 2014
Kathleen will the the Keynote Presenter at the Grand River Trail Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon
Presentation Title: The Seamless Universe
Noon to 3 pm
Corrati’s on the Main
335 N. Main St.
Milford, Mi 48381