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Gift Book Program

Looking for a way to honor the memory of a loved one?
Or how about highlighting someone’s graduation, promotion, or birthday?

The Friends Gift Book Program offers you a way to do this—by donating for a book to be purchased and plated with that special person’s name in it!  All Gift Book donations are listed in the Library’s newsletter, The Home Page, as well as in a Gift Book listing at the Library.

And it’s not just for Books….
Though called the Gift Book Program, it is not limited to the selection of just books. You may designate another popular format for the item to be plated, such as a DVD, music CD, or even a Book on CD.  

Forms for Gift Books are available at the Library, and are ready for mailing to the Friends with your check enclosed.  You may indicate a subject of interest to the person being honored.   In the case of memorials, the honoree’s family will also be contacted regarding your gift.

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