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What is Geek the Library?

Geek the Library is a public awareness campaign designed to make people aware of the vital role that public libraries play in our community and the critical funding issues many libraries face. Geek the Library uses ‘geek’ as a verb – to mean the things you are passionate about, that you love and celebrate. Everyone geeks something, and whatever you geek – your public library supports you. Join Geek the Library in spreading awareness of the value of public libraries.

Check out our Geek Photo Wall.

Spread the Word About the Value of Your Library

Public libraries inspire and empower. Everyone is welcome. Almost anything can be explored. And they play an important role for individuals and communities. But library funding isn’t a given. Join Geek the Library in spreading awareness of the value of public libraries.

Who You Can Talk To

You can impact how your library is funded. Talk to your neighbors, your friends, and people influential in your community. Learn more.

What You Can Say

There’s a lot to talk about. Get some suggestions on why libraries need and deserve your support. Learn more.

What You Can Do

You can make a difference. Keep your local public library vital by letting others know that you care. Learn more.

Share What You Geek

Show off what you geek! Share your story on our online Geek Wall, and read about about what others in the Northville community geek. Get Social and tell your social networking friends what you’re passionate about and find out what they geek.

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